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Five Phases Energy Pads

Experience the world’s first set of five phases energy pads    Enjoy a healthy, fashionable and comfortable life fully
Internationally leading textile technology    First blending of five kinds of functional materials into a whole    Activate your five phases energy ring


Huashen five phases energy pads select five kinds of naturally functional materials of superior quality such as cotton fibers, bio-light materials, vegetable protein fibers, magnetic fibers and bamboo charcoal fibers painstakingly on the basis of the five phases theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) combined with the holographic theory in TCM and international energy medicine. It makes the spinning solution of functional fibers after the extraction and purification adopting bioengineering technologies. Meanwhile, the colloidal solution of nano micron grade bio-light materials is evenly dispersed into the spinning solution. Additionally, it is processed by wet spinning technologies after maturity.


Bio-light waves, magnetic field lines and anion emitted by this product can effectively improve microcirculation in the human body, relieve pain and swell in wearing parts. Meanwhile, five kinds of naturally functional materials with such five natural attributes as Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water are able to form a powerful five phases energy ring acting on the human body permanently and evenly, which can effectively regulate visceral functions, complement and balance the state of five phases energy and contribute to the healthiest habitus state.