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Experience the world's first set of five phases energy pads. Enjoy a healthy, fashionable and comfortable life fully

Internationally leading textile technology. First blending of five kinds of functional materials into a whole. Activate your five phases energy ring

Product Overview

Huashen five phases energy pads select five kinds of naturally functional materials of superior quality such as cotton fibers, bio-light materials, vegetable protein fibers, magnetic fibers and bamboo charcoal fibers painstakingly on the basis of the five phases theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) combined with the holographic theory in TCM and international energy medicine. It makes the spinning solution of functional fibers after the extraction and purification adopting bioengineering technologies. Meanwhile, the colloidal solution of nano micron grade bio-light materials is evenly dispersed into the spinning solution. Additionally, it is processed by wet spinning technologies after maturity.

Bio-light waves, magnetic field lines and anion emitted by this product can effectively improve microcirculation in the human body, relieve pain and swell in wearing parts. Meanwhile, five kinds of naturally functional materials with such five natural attributes as Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water are able to form a powerful five phases energy ring acting on the human body permanently and evenly, which can effectively regulate visceral functions, complement and balance the state of five phases energy and contribute to the healthiest habitus state.

Five Phases Functional Materials

1.Cotton Fibers——Wood
Cotton fibers are uppermost raw materials of the textile industry which are of such fine economic characters as high strength, good air permeability, good heat resistance, facile dyeing and complete chromatograph.

Things and phenomena with such properties or functions as growth, ascension, smoothness and comfortableness belong to the element Wood according to TCM. Cotton is produced by annual dungarunga with properties of growth and ascension. Therefore, it belongs to Wood.

2.Bio-light Materials——Fire
Bio-light materials have six functional effects including warm effect, resonance effect, medical effect, nanometer effect, bi-direction adjustment effect and green effect. It is capable of emitting bio-light waves influenced by human body temperature which can improve microcirculation.
According to TCM, Fire has characters of torridity, ascension and luminosity. And hence, things with properties or functions of tepidity, ascension and luminosity belong to the element Fire. Bio-light materials' characters of elevating the human body temperature and producing warm effect state that it belongs to the element Fire.


3.Vegetable Protein Fibers——Earth

Vegetable protein fibers are new textile fiber materials. It has soft touch of cashmere, a mild gloss of silk, heat retention of cotton, good contact with skin and obvious bacteriostasis function. Therefore, it is known as "healthy, comfortable and environmental friendly fibers".
It is said that "Earth bears four phases", "All things are born in Earth" and "Earth is the mother of all things" in TCM. Things with properties or functions of biochemical capacity, bearing capacity and permissibility belong to the element Earth. Vegetable protein is the most similar to the amino acid in the human body and the most nutritious plant protein. Protein is the foundation of life, which is closely related to every body part. Therefore it belongs to Earth symbolizing the basis of life.
4.Magnetic Fibers——Metal
The earth is a big magnetic field. Human beings live on the earth, receive the supplement of geomagnetism continuously and form a stable biological magnetic field to maintain normal physiological functions in the human body. Magnetism is an indispensable factor which human beings depend on just the same as air, sunshine and water. Scientific experiments have proved that magnetic substances and magnetic fields exert different influences on molecules, cells, nerves and organs of an organism as well as various levels of the living body.
Innumerable magnetic particles are attached to the surface of magnetic fibers emitting magnetic field lines to conduct the magnetotherapy. According to TCM, things with properties of sedimentation, asperity and convergence belong to the element Metal. Magnetism has a character of convergence which is the same as its property of attracting the metal. Therefore, magnetic fibers belong to Metal.
5.Bamboo Charcoal Fibers——Water
Bamboo charcoal fibers are newly functional textile raw materials which use superfine bamboo charcoal powder of nano micron grade as the raw material applying hi-tech melt spinning technology. It can purify the air, eliminate peculiar smell, absorb moisture and prevent mould, inhibit bacteria and dispel worms, promote metabolism and relieve fatigue. And hence, it is internationally honored as "the new guard of world environmental protection in 21st century".
According to TCM, Water has characters of moisturization and downward tendency. Things with properties of moisturization, downward tendency, coldness, closeness and hiding belong to the element Water. Bamboo charcoal is black and enters into the kidney which is related to water. And the bamboo itself is cold. Therefore, bamboo charcoal fibers belong to Water.
1.Bio-light waves, magnetic field lines and anion    Triple effects     Improve human body microcirculation
Bio-light materials in the five phases energy pads are capable of emitting bio-light waves of 5μm to 25μm which penetrate the skin by 3-5cm and cause high-frequency micro-vibrations in blood vessels when influenced by the human body temperature. These slight vibrations allow the inner walls of the blood vessels to clear out lipid deposits that have collected over time. The result is an increased volume of blood within the vessels, accelerated blood flow, improved microcirculation in the human body and enhanced human immunity.
Besides, magnetic fibers in the five phases energy pads are able to emit magnetic field lines interweaving an invisible three-dimensional magnetic field net, which gives adjacent skin all-around stimulation and massage making the surface of skin be in a micromotion state. And hence, it acts as the acupuncture in TCM, which can enhance histocyte vitality, improve blood supply capacity and oxygen delivery capacity, dredge channels, diminish inflammation and relieve pain and promote blood circulation. This follows a TCM theory that obstructions in our bodies cause aches and pain and when this impediment is removed, one is free of pain.
Apart from bio-light waves and magnetic field lines, bamboo charcoal fibers in the five phases energy pads can emit anion which is able to activate cells, purify the blood, eliminate fatigue, stabilize autonomic nervous system and improve allergic habitus. In addition, the honeycomb microcellular structure throughout the inside and outside of bamboo charcoal fibers enable it to absorb peculiar smell of human body, frying smell, formaldehyde, benzene and hydrogen nitride and adjust the humidity.
Huashen five phases energy pads combine five kinds of functional materials acting on the human body simultaneously for the first time. This can not only activate cell metabolism and accelerate the blood flow speed in the subcutaneous tissue but also dissolve and shed the waste on the blood vessel wall much rapidly and thoroughly and expel it along with the blood circulation from the human body. And thus, it will finally promote metabolism and enhance immunity.
2.Nourish viscera and restore visceral vitality
The liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney belonging to viscera in the human body are respectively corresponding to such five kinds of matter energy as Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water in five phases theory. Visceral diseases are all actually caused by the imbalance of five kinds of energy. Therefore, only the complementation of five phases and nourishment of viscera can restore visceral vitality and strengthen visceral functions. Five phases energy pads integrate such five naturally functional materials of superior quality as cotton fibers, bio-light materials, vegetable protein fibers, magnetic fibers and bamboo charcoal fibers and form a powerful energy ring consisted of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water acting on human body acupoints that belong to the meridian. The meridian joins limbs externally and connects viscera internally. It is the passage where qi and blood run and the energy information is conveyed. It communicates between viscera and the body surface and integrates viscera, tissues and organs in the human body into an organic whole. Therefore, the powerful energy produced by five phases energy pads acts on acupoints and is conveyed to liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney through meridians nourishing the viscera fully and strengthening visceral functions in the human body.
3.Complement the whole body energy powerfully from parts to a whole
Every organism including the adult is consisted of several holographic embryos according to the bio-holographic theory. Any holographic embryo is an independently functional and structural unit of an organism. TCM also states that any segmental appendage is a holographic embryo containing all the information of the human body.
The powerful energy produced by five phases energy pads directly acts on holographic acupoint area of any segmental appendage. The energy converges at collaterals, grandchild vessel and blood network vessel through the trunk, branches and capillaries of the meridian system finally meeting in related major meridians. This stimulates the inhibited histocyte, enhances vitality of normal histocyte, promotes the circulation of qi and blood, balances visceral functions, restores self-cure capability and complements the whole body energy powerfully, which will lead to disease prevention and treatment.
4.Balance five phases energy    Regulate human body habitus state
All things are classified into such five types as Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water in traditional Chinese culture. Human beings live between the heaven and earth. The human body also has such five kinds of energy as Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water according to the correspondence between human and universe. Five phases health maintenance emphasizes balance in the body. The balance of five phases energy leads to health while the imbalance of five phases energy is the root cause of diseases. However, modern people are usually caught in a situation that one or two kinds of energy is insufficient or excessively vigorous influenced by hereditary factors and acquired environment. This leads to the imbalance of five phases energy and correspondingly functional changes and produces such five kinds of habitus as wood type people, fire type people, earth type people, metal type people and water type people.
Five phases energy pads overcome the limitation of traditional textile technology and derive energy from such five native elements as cotton, bio-light, vegetable protein, magnetism and bamboo charcoal and form a powerful energy ring by the gathering and superposition of five kinds of energy directing at modern people's habitus characteristics on the basis of yin-yang theory and five phases theory in TCM. It can form series connection with energy emitted by the human body and produce resonance and collect and analyze incentives of the imbalance of five phases energy in the body. Five kinds of energy is conveyed to various parts in the human body through the meridians by stimulating acupoints repeatedly. Then it repairs damaged tissues and organs and controls and induces abnormal or pathological histocyte to transfer to a different track. As a result, the stamina, enginery, functions and potentiality are regulated to an optimum state which enhances disease resistance and recovery capacity, forms a powerful energy field and enters into a mild habitus state with the balance of yin and yang.
Product Category :   Wrist pad, elbow pad, waist pad, knee pad, leg pad, ankle pad
1. Those suffering from various joint diseases.
2. Those suffering from sub-health and having a desire for daily health maintenance.
Notice for Use
1.Increase daily water intake while using this product.
2.Multiple health care curative effects will be obtained by matching with other products of five phases energy series.
Notice Items
1.Wash with neutral detergent, not exceeding a water temperature of 40℃.
2.This product should not be soaked for prolonged periods in water. Wash gently by hand.
3.Allow to dry in the shade naturally. Avoid exposure to high temperatures.
4.Avoid contact with sharp objects.
 5.Optimum effects will be achieved within 3 years of use.
Restricted Use
1.Those suffering from organ hemorrhaging.
2.Pregnant women.
3.Those with abnormally high body temperature.
4.This product should be used with caution by patients recovering from serious operations such as heart bypass surgery, heart stents and cardiac valve replacement, etc.

Huashen five phases energy pads produce energy thinking according to the holographic theory on the theoretical basis of the meridian theory in TCM combined with the application of methods in energy medicine. It regulates the whole body by acting on parts and recovers damaged regulatory system adjusting stamina, enginery, functions and potentiality to an optimum state and forming a powerful energy field around the human body. This enhances disease resistance and recovery capacity and promotes prevention and treatment of diseases from multiple perspectives, which contributes to health care and body building with self-cure of diseases.