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Various herbs used in the manufacture of biophotons.
Angelica: contains essential oils, vitamins A, B12, E, and so on. Ekstrat root has anti-microbial and soothing effect. Vitamin A slows down the aging process and supports the immune system. B12 prevents anemia and gives skin a natural color and shine. Vitamin E helps to regenerate skin cells, improves the smoothness and elasticity. The rich content of amino acids helps to nourish the skin and slows its prezhnevremennoe dryahlenie, prevents the appearance of wrinkles.
Cow parsnip gritty: rich content benzolina. Stabilizes the metabolism slows down skin aging, prevents age spots and accelerates the healing of various skin inflammations.
Ginseng: mnogovidnye contains saponin, antioxidant, amino acids and peptides.Modern pharmacology is shown that Ginseng has a life-giving force, has rejuvenating properties, strengthens the immune system. Ginseng contains vitamins and enzymes mnogovidnye, helps synthesize protein, stabilizes blood circulation, hydrates the skin and allows for a long time to maintain its vitality.
Tyanni root: contains mnogovidnye saponins. Modern pharmacology is proved that the root Tyantsi reduces the viscosity of the blood, strengthens capillaries and restores its elasticity, and promotes healing and resistance, relieves pain in joints.
Sage manyroot: Contains mnogovidnye ketones, zinc, copper, iron, vitamin E. Its main feature - activate blood circulation, has a sedative effect and antitrobotsitarnoe. Helps to overcome the oxygen starvation.
Girchovnik: benzolin contains alkaloids, complex nutrient elements containing moisture. Modern pharmacology is proved: girchovnik promotes vasodilatation and vascular wall strengthening and stabilizing blood circulation, increases the local supply of skin layers with nutrients.
Perstyanka: contains various alkaloids, unsaturated fat and lipokisloty. Stabilizes blood circulation and improves health and prolongs life span and remains young.It gives the skin a natural pink color making it radiant, smooth and supple. The supply of nutrients to the skin layers, making the skin radiant, smooth and supple.
Peony root, contains phenol, benzolin. From ancient times, the root has already begun to use as a tonic to improve blood circulation, slow down aging.
Chrysanthemum: Contains benzolin, amino acids, fats, flavonoids, minerals mnogovidnye, has antipyretic and anti-inflammatory actions of the property. Use of chrysanthemums in the mask contributes to effective cleansing of the skin.
Figwort Oldgema: contains alkaloid, saccharide, an amino acid. Modern pharmacology is proved: figwort possesses reinforcing capillary action, restores their elasticity, increases circulation, stabilizes metabolism, and improves the skin's immunity and slows aging.
Licorice: contains solodochnuyu acid solodochnye flavonoids and saponins.Licorice protects the skin from the sun, has dezintoksitsiruyuschie properties, accelerates fat metabolism and prevents premature aging and coarsening of the skin.
Safflower dye: contains seponin, mnogovidnye unsaturated lipokisloty. Safflower dyeing promotes anoksiustoychivosti, accelerates fat metabolism and replenishes nutrients in the layers of the epidermis, smooths wrinkles and makes the drive a soft and smooth.
Chinese Dereza: contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C and trace minerals, more than the rich content of vitamins A, C Dereza Chinese in a cream nourishes the skin and prevents the appearance of age spots.
OIR common: contains benzolin, mnogovidnye amino acids, organic acids and saccharide. Strengthens the immune system, removes free radicals from the body, protects the skin from exposure to adverse environmental factors.
Dandelion: contains choline, mnogovidnye vitamins, carotene and minerals.Regulates fat metabolism, has antioxidant properties, nourishes and protects the cells.
Pearl: Contains mnogovidnye minerals and amino acids. Pearl is able to strengthen the immunity of the skin, making skin smooth and soft, promotes blood circulation and hormone release, slow down the aging process and wrinkles, is a valuable cosmetic raw materials.
The list of medicinal herbs is very large, their content in each product is different and is selected in accordance with the function of the product. As part of the same use: Ephedra, gillyflower, eleoterokokk, mint green, wormwood hairlike, bulrush, figs, Chinese schizandra, ginkgo, tulip, lotus, crocus planting, aloynoe tree chilibuha, mimosa and etc.