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Philosophical outlook of traditional oriental medicine is based on a holistic view of the world in which man is an integral part and is in close interaction with the environment. Health is seen as a balance in life began, and the disease as a violation arising out of disharmony in the relationship between man and nature or emotional disharmony of the individual.
Products International Corporation "Huasheng" is based on the theory of maintaining the health of traditional Chinese medicine, it is ideally combines the teachings of Yin Yang and Five Elements, the theory and the theory of Jingli the health qi and blood with modern principles of "holographic theory" and the latest achievements of energy medicine, thus providing a unique recreational concept maintain the health of Chinese medicine "Huasheng". Furthermore, the use of high technology and advanced materials allowed the development of natural, environmentally friendly and meets the requirements of science series wellness products, which fully complies with international trends aspirations "natural therapies" and "non-contact methods of medicine." Due to the high quality and amazing health-improving effect, these products received a positive assessment of the widest range of distributors and customers from all corners of the globe, earning a reputation as "the best doctor of the XXI century underwear all over the world."
Bioresonance therapy is a fixed frequency
Any form of life has its own unique spectrum of electromagnetic waves, ie, micro-and macro-Each has its own specific range of frequencies (the spectrum of fluctuations). The development of pathological processes lead to a change of the frequency spectrum in the form of appearance of pathological (disharmonious) vibrations, which can be eliminated with the use of both endogenous bioresonance therapy (internal electromagnetic oscillations). In the case of coincidence with the frequency of organ, tissue, cells appear resonant response.
(The resonance from the Latin - to respond.)
The main idea of ​​resonance in medicine is that with proper selection of frequency of therapeutic effects is possible even with very small amplitude of the external signals greatly enhance the normal (physiological) or reduce the pathological variations in the biological system.
Enough to apply for each projection of the affected organ, according to its topography desired therapeutic signal to a certain time to get cured.
Body is able to remember the nature of the effects of certain frequencies and continue to generate their own. Impact should be monitored, because at resonance there are great opportunities for creativity and for destruction.Resonance effects can occur at the subcellular and cellular levels. Important role in the phenomenon of resonance is the presence of feedback systems and communication channels within the body.
Information is the function of connective tissue. This self regenerating system, which thereby cybernetically coordinates all other systems (nervous, muscular, epithelial). Connective tissue is 85% of body weight.
  "The wisdom of the body" - the ability to regulate itself as a self healing at various "breakdowns", ie disturbed functions.
The list of frequencies: (each product name - link on the article in the section Products)
The frequency of 85.0, 85.5 Hz (belt, a jacket for men and women):
Influences on the 4th chakra (heart) is shown for all inflammatory conditions, controls the frequency of the endocrine system, controls the frequency of kidney and liver, helps with gallstone disease, pain in the heart, skin diseases (acne, warts, psoriasis, hair loss .) Affects the center of the skin and connective tissue in the projection 1_ 1).
The frequency of 53.0, 53.5 Hz (collar around his neck, pants for men, women's pants with a belt):
Oversees management of frequencies by the kidneys and liver, is shown in hypoadrenalism, and renal cysts, and fungal diseases of skin, osteoarthritis, arthritis, inflammation of the lymph nodes, the equilibrium is disturbed, and all inflammations of the respiratory tract.
The frequency of 99.0, 99.5 Hz (heart card):
Shows the sensitivity to changes in weather, depression, energy shortages, controls the frequency of administration limfosistemoy, pancreas, can be used for flashing before the eyes of flies, in a state of fear, varicose veins, is responsible for the sympathetic nervous system, the frequency of the heart center, the posterior pituitary .
The frequency of 95.5 Hz (card "Aotsi" wrist):
- Management limfosistemoy;
- The formation of uric acid, gout;
- Parkinson's disease;
- Angina, heart vessels;
- Varicose veins:
- The autonomic nervous system.
The frequency of 2.5 Hz (cap):
- Insomnia, vegetative disorders;
- Headaches associated with chronic sinus;
- Sinusitis, periodontal disease;
- Uterine fibroids, hormonal balance in women;
- Dishormonal prostatopatiya;
- Regeneration of the intervertebral disc:
- The frequency of the effects of: antmenorragichesky, gemostatichesy, vazogenny.
The frequency of 66.0, 66.5 Hz (sanitary pads):
- Inflammation of the vagina;
- Hemorrhoids;
- Salivary gland;
- Rhinitis, periodontal disease;
- Conjunctivitis
The frequency of 58.0, 58.5 Hz (knee, elbow pads, socks):
- Periostitis, an inflammation of the periosteum;
- Lack of local blood circulation;
- Strengthening the body's defenses.
The frequency of 38.0, 38.5 Hz (female underwear):
- Control of thymus gland, the pancreas;
- Regulation of bile formation;
- Sexual regulation of women
The frequency of 64.0,64.5 Hz frequency (gloves):
- Neurodermatitis;
- Rheumatic fever;
- Colon;
- Osteoarthritis of the cervico-occipital joint;
- Spinal cord;
- Cornea.
Frequency of 88 Hz, 5 (sheet):
- Parkinson's disease;
- Osteoarthritis of the hip;
- Cholelithiasis.
Frequency of 92.5 Hz (vest):
- Common nerve problem;
- Inflammation of the nerves;
- Sleep disturbance, depression;
- Zoster, psoriasis;
- A state of fear;
- Lack of vitality;
- Increased sensitivity.
Frequency 87.0,87.5 Hz (miracle diamond):
- For all inflammatory conditions (respiratory tract, nose);
- Mindapin inflammation, tooth decay;
- Trigeminal nerve;
- Control of the frequencies of the liver, kidneys,
- Inflammation of the lymph nodes.
Frequency 70.0,71.5 Hz (lining the eyes, pillow):
- The visual center;
- Blurred vision;
- Rheumatic cerebral blood vessels;
- Neck, shoulders (pinched muscles);