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Superfine Calcium Powder "Huashen"

Dietary Supplemental!!!

Biocalcium wings made of beautiful shells of the Far Eastern sea scallops caught in the deep waters of the Southern Seas. Sink is 98.2% on calcium carbonate, containing the largest amount of pure calcium. Due to the wings of a special micronized nanoparticles size - 5-7 microns. The percentage uptake of the calcium absorbed 93% and it is already in the stomach, partly directly, partly after the dissolution of its walls.

Physicians for a long time administered calcium to strengthen teeth, bones, hair and nails. It later emerged that this mineral plays an important role in the overall real exchange. So for the cell, he is a member of molecules undergoing transport nutrients through the cell membrane. More than 200 diseases associated with deficiency of calcium in the body.

Calcium promotes blood clotting, normalize blood pressure, normal functioning of the nervous system, stomach, gastrointestinal tract, the removal of muscle spasms, the elasticity of vessel walls, the removal of salts (heavy metals and radionuclides), a powerful antioxidant and antistressor.

Potency and sexual activity associated with the presence of calcium in the body. Calcium enhances the body's ability to kill germs and parasites, reduce sensitivity to allergens. It is especially important to take daily calcium during childhood and retirement age. This is due to growth and the lack of calcium (calcium loss from the body). Chronic calcium deficiency leads to the formation of osteoporosis and fractures.

Good absorption of calcium HuaShen and reasonable price make this a daily calcium for a long time. Package contained 100 g of calcium carbonate, calculated at the reception for 100 days.

Calcium plays an important role in the prevention and treatment:

- Hypertension
- Diabetes
- Cramps, numbness of extremities
- Heart disease
- Cancer of the colon
- Breast and pancreatic cancer
 - Osteoporosis, rickets, tooth decay, gum disease

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