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In the central office, we offer a unique pass diagnostics microcirculation of the body. By means of the newest electric microscope we can give a status report mikrotserkulyatsii human body.
Microcirculation - one of the main features of the functioning of the body. This is the process of metabolism, energy and information between the organism and the environment. A single cell organisms such exchange is carried out through plasmolemma. Mammals (human) means such exchanges are the lungs (via the respiratory pathway) and gastrointestinal tract (through the esophagus). In connection with the arrangement of the function (including the function of metabolism), such other organs produce exclusively through metabolism in the tissue fluid, blood and lymphatic fluid. Microcirculation - a movement of fluid in the tissues, blood and lymph fluid, is directly involved in the metabolism of energy and information. Clinically, the term "circulation" means blood microcirculation. Firstly, the microcirculation is not only the end of the last circulation system, but also an important component of the internal organs; secondly, microcirculation is simultaneously route for circulation and metabolism place; Thirdly, microcirculation is not only the general characteristics of systems such as a blood vessel, lymphatic vessel, the space between the tissues, but also certain features of cell metabolism. In addition, the microcirculation is regulated by the nerves and body fluid, such adjustment is often regional in nature. Self-motion microvessels are not synchronized with the heartbeat, with its own special rhythm and providing secondary regulation on microvessels. So microcirculation is called "the second heart". Violation of the functions of the microcirculation, or the difficulty of movement of blood in the microcirculation entail inability to transfer bioenergy biologically active substances and the lack of exchange of oxygen in the tissues, that often become the "culprit" lack of features or functions of exhaustion, the emergence and development of diseases. In modern medicine, it is proved that human aging, hypertension, diabetes and many cardiovascular diseases are closely connected with the violation of the microcirculation. Microcirculation has a direct impact on human health.
The company owns a patented HuaShen recipes, techniques for the production of natural linen, powerful activating microcirculation. Each item of clothing vibrating structure corresponds to vibration of a healthy body, that is normal.