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About HuaShen

Established in 1992, Huashen International Group is a transnational enterprise, which develops, produces and sells health care products. As a member of China Health Care Nutrition Council, Huashen has developed three major series of health care costume, health care drink and food, health care supply, including hundreds of products, which has brought health to people all over the world. Huashen’s marketing territory covers four continents: Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. Millions of distributors spread more than 40 countries and regions in the world.

In 2010, the headquarters of Huashen International Group was moved from Harbin to Qingdao, settled down in the Laoshan Hi-tech development zone, thus possessing the unique regional and economical advantages. In the head office three branches are set up, including Business Management Center, International Marketing Center, Product Development and Supply Center. In addition a capable team, which is made up of professional elites in developing, managing and marketing field, has been built up.
“Innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for the development of enterprise.” Huashen International Group always adhere to the belief that technology and science is the foundation of invigorating the enterprise, cooperating with Chinese top universities and high tech institutes, inviting leading experts as the core member, having built up a scientific researching team with polished technique, high quality and strong innovation ability.

Huashen has successively created the ideal high-tech biology material-bio-light, and exploited Opposite-spray Mode Supersonic Airflow Crushing and Classifying Technique which helps to breakthrough the Nanometer and Micrometer Hyperfine Process difficulty. With the properties of safety and effectiveness, the bio-light products are regarded as the best healthcare doctor of 21st century, which fully comply with the international trend “Green Therapy, Non-contact Treatment”. The leading technique Hyperfine Process is featured by advantages such as ultra-low temperature, supersonic speed, opposite-spray mode supersonic airflow crushing and classifying technique, these all won many unique patents and wide-range applications in the field of medicine, healthcare and foods, etc. In addition, based on the theories such as TCM health preserving, yin-yang and five-phase, meridians, Huashen combines the modern holographic theory with international energy medicine perfectly, establishing a natural and scientific TCM health preserving concept, spreading the essence of health care in Chinese 5000 year culture.

The costume base owns the world-class production workshop, such as the new generation Italian underwear production line, which applies the seamless sewing technology during the production. Additionally, the food and beverage base is one of the national top 50 enterprises of healthy products, which owns the membership of the UNDP (United Nations Development Program) and awarded as the authorized enterprise of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Also the valuation of its brand equity is more than 1 billion Yuan. All the production bases are approved by China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) for its qualification of high-tech product development, production and sales.

Looking back to the development history of Huashen, in 2000, Huashen Investment Co. Ltd. was established in Russia, Huashen took its first step of the internationalization journey. In 2002, Huashen got a steady progress in Eastern Europe. In 2004, Hua Shen Brand got an Access to Central Asia, Western Europe and Southeastern Asia. In 2005, all the domestic and foreign companies were renamed “Hua Shen”. In 2006, Huashen stationed in Africa. In 2007, Huashen entered into America. At the beginning of 21st century, with 10-year rapid development, Huashen has accomplished internationalization, achieving a big success, attracting the competitors’ attention.

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November 6, 2011 the US company "Huashen America Inc" recorded in New York, USA, in the person of President Maya Trofimovitch entered into a contract with the corporation HuaShen "the supply of goods and the status of the corporation HuaShen Representation in the United States and Canada." At the business meeting on the Chinese side were HuaShen Corporation President Li Wei, CEO Sheng Jinhua, CEO Muzhdunarodnogo Marketing Center Gao Song, General Director of the Center of Business Administration Zhao Tszovey. 

From this moment the company "Huashen America Inc" is the official representative and exporter HuaShen Corporation in the US and Canada with the rights of the North American Mission. 

Companies "Huashen America Inc" granted official permission for the registration of the company with the brand name "Huashen America" ​​and doing business in North America. Products "HuaShen" certified in the US, with the certificates can be found here. Currently, the company has opened offices in Brooklyn, Queens and Chicago, the contact information you can find here.