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Biophotons - modern nano-materials, which were obtained from natural raw materials used in pharmacology. The new technology provides cooling biosyrya to very low temperatures. The substance becomes brittle as glass, allowing spray tomicroparticles biophotons.
Fabric with imbedded herb

Biophotons emit biovolny 5-25 microns long., Favorably affecting the human body. Biophotons cause resonance at the cellular level, this creates physiological effects similar to oral and injection methods of taking medication.
The impact of bio photons:
The unique non-contact exposure bio photons stimulate blood circulation organs and tissues of the body, effectively treat various diseases caused by a violation of the micro circulation without causing any side effects. The thermal reaction energochastits emitted nanomaterials, accelerates blood circulation of the body, improves the microcirculation of tissues and organs, provides an adequate supply of cells with oxygen and nutrients, stimulating metabolism, restores the disrupted balance of systems. Experience in use of the products shows high efficiency in removing fatigue, improve immunity, betray a person courage and energy. Limits the spread of inflammation, speeds recovery and eliminates pain.
                                    Skin / Nanofabric

Restorative therapy using therapeutic underwear does not enter into any conflict with the medication, traditional treatment, andit is combinable with him. In all, questionable situations for you - you should consult with your physician.

Bio-ceramic inserts / Bioceramic balls

Features of biotechnological products:
The absence of side effects
Does not cause allergies
Have no foreign odor
Not addictive
No harmful radiation
Prevent the penetration of radiation and ultraviolet rays
Storage: store in a dry place at room temperature.
Shelf life: The greatest effect - within 1 year. Suitable for use in 3 years.
Herbs used in the manufacturing of biohotons