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The neck kills more than cancer! Who would have thought!

To date, a neck kills three times more people than oncology as told by the doctor-rehabilitologist Alexander Shishonin.

According to him, with age, cervical vertebrae shift (develops osteochondritis) and squeeze the vessels that feed the brain. The brain gets little oxygen and commands the heart to increase its strength and heart rate. This causes the pressure to rise and blood flow to the brain increases. If the heart is weak, it won’t be able to work hard, and so the brain responds similarly, signaling to compress the capillary vessels (This is a reason why hypertensive patients often have cold feet). If the capillaries are unable to do so, the brain signals the kidney to forbid the removal of water to maintain pressure. As the oxygen starvation of the brain increases (there are no cures osteochondritis), the biochemical composition of the blood changes, the amount of glucose increases, and when all the reserves are exhausted, a stroke occurs. However, if the squeezing of the arteries and veins in the neck is removed in time, the pressure will return to normal without medication.

The doctor also explains that osteochondritis is associated with the accumulation of stressful and traumatic factors in the neck. Any nervous shock is accompanied by a tension in the neck muscles. This leads to a spasm of the muscles of the cervical and thoracic areas. The blood microcirculation and nutrition of the surrounding tissue, intervertebral disks and connections are weakened, and the vertebrae become unstable and compress the vessels. There is also accumulation of micro-traumas. Most often the culprit of all troubles is the first cervical vertebra Atlant; 70% of hypertensive patients often wake up with terrible neck pain. This is due to the fact that when asleep, especially on a high cushion, Atlant shifts and clamps the vessels. When a person begins to walk, the situation is slightly corrected. It happens, however, that the subluxation of the atlants with the adoption of the vertical position does not disappear and then there is a hypertensive crisis or stroke.

The solution would be to put on a pillow sham with bio photons which improves the microcirculation in the capillaries and the supply of oxygen to the brain vessels of the brain during sleep. Furthermore, you need to do simple neck stretches to avoid serious health problems, as well as to regularly wear a bandage around your neck. A scarf or cover with biophotons at night and in the daytime when it's cold, so that the cervical section does not freeze and refrain from spazzing, would be best.

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