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Nanometric Laundry Soap

A new era in the wash: only healthy means the best! Specialist for clothes car̆e -  nanometric laundry soap "HuaShen" - will make your clothes healthy 100%!

Laundry soap "HuaShen" - is a natural neutral detergent, which has antibacterial and bacteriostatic impact. Effectively washes, while caring for clothes, adding energy of biophotons, making it much softer and more comfortable.

The main raw material for the production of laundry soap "HuaShen" is the coconut and palm oil, with the addition of nanometric materials that are made based on technology-based special recipe.

Nanometer laundry soap "HuaShen" has the following features:

Nanometric materials, antibacterial and bacteriostatic impact:

Nanometric materials can penetrate deep into fabric fibers, assuming action continuously emitted by negative ions of the bacteria leads to a change in the structure of bacteria. Soap kills bacteria at the same time, entirely prevents the propagation and spread of pathogenic microbes, eliminates negative odor, makes clothes healthy and clean.

Natural plant extracts, clothes care:

Nanometric materials can break down macro-molekular of natural coconut and palm oils and other plant extracts into smaller ones. As a result, speeds up the process of absorption of nutrients fibers of clothing, while at the same time is a highly effective cleanser action that allows you to get care and increase its strength.

Laundry soap "HuaShen", produced by natural ingridients with the addition of nanometric materials, wipes quality and does not cause allergies.

Ingridients: nanometric materials, coconut oil, palm oil.

Net Weight: 150 grams.

Main action: clothes care, and antibakterial, effect neutral action, eliminating static electricity.

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