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Pain Relieving Patch "Huashen"

Analgesic plaster with bio photons and biomagnetics

This product is made by a special recipe and special processing of natural materials based on nanoparticles and bio photons biomagnitami. The waves emitted by the bio photons, easily absorbed by the human body and have a positive effect on borrowing homeostasis. Biophotons mikrotserkulyatsii promote normalization, normalization of blood circulation at all levels, improve the activity of the cells and their regeneration. Biomagnetics directly affects the circulation of energy on the medians, the active points, stimulates the nervous system, increases energy pathways, effectively helps to get rid of the pain.

Mode of application

Remove the tape and attach to the source of pain for a couple of days.

Indications (action)

• myositis (inflammation of skeletal muscle);
• osteochondrosis, defartroz;
• rheumatism, arthritis, numbness, pain in different areas of the body;
• a positive effect on the body as a whole;
• contributes to the normalization of blood circulation;
• increases the activity of the cells and their regeneration;
• effective anti-inflammatory and analgesic;
• softens cough, promotes speedy recovery from
tracheitis, bronchitis.
• herbs (mastic, myrrh, gynura pinnatifid, grass
Yuanhu grass Togutsao), anhydrous honey;
• high-water-absorbing agent;
• material based nanoparticles with bio photons;
• biomagnetic.
• change in 2-3 days;
• a course of treatment for 10 days.


1. Do not use at high temperature.
2. Do not put on the heart.
3. Skin allergy.
4. Partial skin lesions.
5. During pregnancy.
6. Do not use for people with a pacemaker.


Packaging - 5 pcs.
Storage: Keep in a hermetically sealed, in a dark, dry and
ventilated place.
Shelf life: 3-4 months of opening the package.


Price: 15.00 USD